Cake Flavors

Attention Brides

Congratulations on your up coming wedding!!!! I know you must be excited but at the same time, nervous about making the right choices for your special day. With so many decisions to make, there are a few questions we would like to ask….

  • Have you ever eaten wedding cake and thought it was so good you wanted a second piece?
  • Are you wanting a special cake design and construction that is “uniquely you”?
  • Have you ever heard of having a choice of different flavors and fillings for each tier of cake?
  • How about the special novelty groom’s cake that reflects his interests?

The Cakelady will do her part to help make your dream cake come through without all the stress and worry.

Prices start at $4.00 a serving and go up from there, depending on the intricacy of your cake. I offer fresh flowers as well as gum paste flowers, display stands, silver plateaus, fountains, mirrors, etc. I also offer a “cake tasting” party one Sunday each quarter during the year, for those brides who have paid their deposits, so my brides, fiance” and family can sample all the many cake flavors and fillings available. You will be notified by mail of e-mail as to those dates. We have a lot a fun and cover many questions concerning your special day.

Please take the time to read my “Brides Guide” which will help you understand how to shop for your wedding cake and what to expect.