About the Cakelady

Congratulations on your up coming wedding!!!! I know you must be excited but at the same time, nervous about making the right choices for your special day. With so many decisions to make, there are a few questions we would like to ask….

      • Have you ever eaten wedding cake and thought it was so good you wanted a second piece?
      • Are you wanting a special cake design and construction that is “uniquely you”?
      • Have you ever heard of having a choice of different flavors and fillings for each tier of cake?
      • How about the special novelty groom’s cake that reflects his interests?

The Cakelady will do her part to help make your dream cake come through without all the stress and worry.

Although, Sherry uses Fondant for flowers, swags, and trims on her wedding cakes, she does not do “fondant covered cakes” She specializes in her tasty butter cream icing and as you can tell from her pictures, she can get her butter cream icing to almost look like fondant. She does however use fondant if necessary on the groom’s cakes.

Meet the creator of Cakelady & Company

Sherry Moriarty

Sherry Moriarty – The Cakelady

Sherry is an experienced cake decorator who has been a professional cake decorator more than 30 years. She has been doing cakes in the North Georgia Mountains since 1994. Sherry is a former member of the International Cake Exploration Society (ICES) and a member of the Georgia Chapter Cake Society. She specializes in cake art and carvings as well as wedding cakes and has experience in all areas of cake techniques. She is in continued education where world-renowned cake artists share their techniques from around the world in new cake designs. She has created cakes for ex. Governor Zell Miller, the Cartoon Network, Bill Elliott, late Senator Ralph Twiggs daughter’s weddings, just to name a few. Not only are her cakes skillfully created but the insides are moist and delicious as well. She provides cakes for The Ridges, Brasstown Valley Crown Resort, Unicoi Resort, Chatuge Lodge, and other North Georgia venues.

Blue Ridge and Blairsville, Georgia Wedding CakesSherry believes that all of her life’s experiences have led her to her successful cake-decorating career. Without any formal lessons, she made cakes for her children’s birthdays and school functions. Sherry had a girlfriend who was a cake decorator in Deltona, FL, where she previously resided. Sherry use to take her daughter to her house for her girls to play. Sherry would talk for hours to her friend while she decorated not realizing that she was learning. Sherry’s niece (age 14) gave her a wedding cake decorating book with her dream wedding cake in it and told Sherry that she needed to learn cake decorating so she could do her wedding cake. The challenge was in force and cake decorating started to become a competitive hobby. Through a series of events, Sherry was influenced most by a man specializing in “lace draping”, a unique, almost lost art of porcelain lace used in the making of Dresden Dolls. Working with porcelain clay under the guidance of his skillful art of perseverance and patience, and through this totally unrelated hobby, cake creation evolved. This man died shortly after Sherry had successfully completed 2 dolls, and went on to complete 6 more of these rare creations on her own. It was then Sherry realized God had given her a talent that could be used in her cake creations. Sherry’s dream was to make her own daughter’s wedding cake and thought it would all end when that dream was fulfilled. Not planning to do wedding cakes as a business, she was surprised and overwhelmed when the phone began to ring. Feeling the “empty nest” by both her and her husband, they jumped at the chance to have a new daughter every weekend. Thus, a second business, “The Cakelady” was born.