Cakelady & Company : Specialty Cake Decorator in North Georgia, Tennessee & North Carolina

Cakelady & Company has moved from north Georgia to Cleveland, TN. – Specializing in higher end wedding cakes only… …Please read to the end.

I think most of you will understand there comes a time when certain businesses can not go on forever. Last year, when my husband of almost 50 years died unexpectedly, my whole world came crashing down around me. Death demands change and sometimes we just wait upon the Lord for answers.

For the past 30 years, my every weekend and life has been enriched with each new bride as they shared their dreams and allowed me to step into their dreams to create their special cakes. It has been a sweet ride and God has truly blessed me through this business. Although the cake business is very stressful and my weekends have been sacrificed… I have no regrets. I have meet so many wonderful couples and families, some of which have blessed me not only from a financial standpoint but in their stories and their personal touches and spins that they incorporated into their weddings.

I have watched babies be born and been able to share in creating cakes for their showers, birthdays, graduations, and once again a wedding. I had hoped to sell my business so I could have someone in place when retirement came but this has not been the case. I had to move to Cleveland, Tn. to be near what family I have and to make a new life for myself. I have waited for direction from God to direct my path and my decision as to what to do and I have no clarity at this time. I want to write wedding stories; maybe publish some cake journals; or maybe teach; or continue wedding cakes only on a smaller scale or retire completely??

Since I have no clear direction, I’m going to allow God and you make that decision for me. I am currently under going a complete kitchen remodel and probably should not consider doing a wedding cake until June 2017. My years of experience of building high end wedding cakes; experience in the art of butter cream ; plus travel is not an obstacle; I will consider doing one wedding cake a month with a starting baseline of $850.00. Because of the passion that I have for creating my brides cake visions I just can not see myself giving it up completely.

If you would like to contact me you can reach me through my new number 706-781-5821 or through I look forward to talking with you.

Sincere Thanks;

Sherry Moriarty